Simplified Common Lisp reference
Symbol class: Sequences (Lists, Strings) and Arrays
Symbol type: function
make-sequenceresult-typesizeinitial-element(keyword) => sequence
Argument description:
result-type sequence type specifier
size a non-negative integer
initial-element element which is used to fill sequence, default is implementation dependent

MAKE-SEQUENCE creates a new sequence of specified type and number of elements. See also MAP.

(make-sequence 'list 4 :initial-element 'x) => (X X X X)
(make-sequence 'vector 4 :initial-element 'x) => #(X X X X)
(make-sequence 'vector 4 :initial-element #\a) => #(#\a #\a #\a #\a)
(make-sequence 'string 4 :initial-element #\a) => "aaaa"
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