Simplified Common Lisp reference
Symbol class: Input and output
Symbol type: function
readinput-stream(optional)eof-error-p(optional)eof-value(optional)recursive-p(optional) => an object
Argument description:
input-stream an input stream, default is standard input
eof-error-p a boolean, true (default) is EOF should be signaled
eof-value an object that is returned as EOF value
recursive-p flag to note recursive processing

READ function reads arbitrary readable lisp object from input stream. Reading process uses *read-table*. Note that *read-eval* global variable controls read-time evaluation (#. macro).

(let ((s (make-string-input-stream "(1 2 3)"))) (read s)) => (1 2 3)
(let ((s (make-string-input-stream "#(1 2 3)"))) (read s)) => #(1 2 3)
(let ((s (make-string-input-stream "\"hola\""))) (read s)) => "hola"
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