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Mathematics, Arithmetics, Logic and Comparisons
* + - / /= 1+ 1- < <= = > >= and ceiling cos decf eq eql equal equalp exp expt floor incf isqrt logand logior max min mod nil not or random round sin sqrt t zerop
Conses, Lists and related functions
append assoc butlast car cddr cdr cons consp first getf interserction last list list-length listp mapc mapcan mapcar mapcon maplist member null pop push pushnew rest rplaca rplacd second set-difference union
Sequences (Lists, Strings) and Arrays
aref concatenate copy-seq count elt find length make-array make-sequence map map-into position reduce remove reverse search some string string-downcase string-upcase subseq vector vector-pop vector-push vector-push-extend
Symbol, Characters, Hash, Structure, Objects and Conversions
atom char-code char-name coerce defstruct digit-char-p gensym gethash intern make-hash-table symbolp
Input and output
format get-output-stream-string make-string-output-stream read read-char read-line write-string
Functions, Evaluation, Flow Control, Definitions and Syntax
apply block case cond declare defmacro defparameter defun defvar do dolist error eval flet funcall function if labels lambda let let* loop progn quote return-from setf setq unless when
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